Mold Inspection

Mold spores are most likely to occur after a recent flood, rain storm, burst pipe, or other water related incident. In just 2 days, mold can start to thrive off whatever food it can find in warm places of your home. This is an opportune time to get a mold inspection specialist out to your home or business to see if the mold has taken root. Other factors that may mean it is a good time to get a mold inspection is a foul odor in the home or noticeable browning or orange spots developing in certain areas. A mold inspector can tell you right away how bad the damage is and what the best way to go about fixing it will be.

Where Should I Begin a Mold Inspection?

While it is feasible that mold can grow in almost any part of your home, there are certain areas that it is recommended you begin your mold inspection if you are suspicious that mold may be present. These areas include:

  • Underneath your carpet
  • Behind curtains
  • Couches, chair cushions
  • Damp clothing of wash cloths
  • Inside of books
  • Bathroom ceiling fans
  • Basements
  • Kitchen cupboards

Mold can grow on just about any type of environment so get a thorough mold inspection done.